There are numerous options available for hardware which are available in the manufacture of our pressed metal door frames.


Hinges – Welded

Welded hinges come in two standard sizes being 100mm x 100mm to suite 45mm thick doors and 100mm x 75mm to suit 35mm and 40mm thick doors.

Welded hinges are made from 2.5mm zinc plated mild steel and are loose pin hinges.


Hinges – Screw Fixed Backing Plates

Screw fixed backing plates are manufactured from 4mm thick metal plate with 4 holes pre tapped to suit M5 metal thread screws. The hole placement is to suite standard 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 75mm hinges.

Screw fixed backing plates are supplied standard with a mortar guard. Major advantages of screw fixed backing plates are a stronger hinge fixing method for heavier doors and the choice of what hinge you would like to use. If the hinge is damaged it can easily be unscrewed and replaced with a new hinge without having to cut out and weld in a hinge to the frame as would be required if a welded hinge were installed.


Hinges – Lift Off

Manufactured from 1.5mm or 2.5mm zinc plated mild steel, liftoff hinges are commonly used for disabled toilet and bathroom doors that open into the toilet or bathroom. When liftoff hinges are fitted to a pressed metal door frame the head section of the frame is modified to accommodate the additional clearance required when lifting the door off the hinge. Liftoff hinges cannot be installed on fire rated doors and frames as the clearance required at the head of the frame to allow for the lifting of the door is in excess of the allowable tolerances for the clearance between the top of the door and frame.


Hinges – Loose

Manufactured from 2.5mm 304 No 4 stainless steel, screw fixed hinges are supplied in a pair in either 100mm x 100mm or 100mm x 75mm. Major advantage of stainless steel hinges is their durability, wear and resistance to staining. Buy Online


Hinges – Custom Provisions

As a manufacturer, Taylors Doors and Frames can custom manufacture hinge provisions to suit your specific hinge requirements. We can accommodate for thicker hinge materials and varying placement and quantity of fixing holes. Contact us if you have something a little different (sample hinge will be required).

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Strikes – Universal

Universal strike provisions are suitable for the majority of locksets including mortice locks and cylindrical locksets. Universal strike provisions are supplied standard with a mortar box and temporary strike plate.

The standard height of a universal strike preparation is 1042mm (to centre line of the strike) from the bottom of the frame. When ordering a frame ensure that the centre line of your strike height is specified. If the strike height is not specified the standard strike height is used.


Strikes – Electric

These strike provisions are provided with a mortar box and pre tapped 4mm thick fixing tabs. The standard electric strike preparation Padee (ES2000), FSH (FES20) and Legge (8800M) are the most common brands of electric strikes.


Strikes – Rim Night Latch

The Rim Night Latch strike provision is provided with a mortar box and dimpled punch provisions for fixing screws. The strike plate is not supplied.


Strikes – Custom

As a manufacturer Taylors Doors and Frames can custom manufacture strike provisions to suit your specific strike requirements. We can accommodate for thicker strike plate materials, varying placement and quantity of fixing holes and blank or pre tapped fixing tabs. Contact us if you have something a little different (sample strike will be required).


Reed Switches

Reed Switch provisions are provided with a cable transfer mortar box and are punched to accommodate the applicable diameter of the reed switch specified. At the time of order ensure you provide the diameter of the hole required to suit your specific reed switch. If no diameter is specified we provide a standard 20mm diameter hole.

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Door Closers

Dependant on your closer requirements there may be a requirement to provide additional fixing provisions in the frame head section. This can be accommodate and is specific to the make and model of the door closer specified. Generally provisions are only required for doors requiring a pivot action or where a sliding arm is to be accommodated in the head of the frame.

A common requirement for closers is to provide additional strength in the head of the frame for the fitting of the closer arm. This is accommodated by the installation of an additional steel plate into the back section of the frame and is commonly referred to as “reinforcing for standard arm”.


Hardware Other

We have a substantial database of hardware provisions accommodating the major commercial hardware brands available in the market. If the hardware provision you require is not yet in our database we will design the required preparation to accommodate the correct fitting of hardware to the pressed metal door frame.


Fire Rated Hardware

For fire resistant doors it is important to ensure that the hardware specified has been tested on the specific type of door being used. If your hardware has not been tested we can arrange for testing of the hardware on your behalf. A list of approved hardware should be available from your door supplier.

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