No Australian door frame manufacturer takes the fight against premature corrosion more seriously than Taylors Doors and Frames. In an industry not known for its innovation, Taylors Doors and Frames strives to question existing manufacturing practices in view of offering better alternatives to extend product life and serviceability.


Maximising product life by minimising destructive manufacturing processes is an important focus in our research and product development.

Anecdotal evidence suggests 90% of welded door frames start to show signs of corrosion within only 6 months of installation. A major contributing factor in the premature deterioation of metal door frames is the process of welding which destroys the raw materials protective coating.

Why settle for destructive manufacturing processes!

Taylors advanced manufacturing process utilises a structurally proven cold formed metal self-piercing rivet (SPR) joining system ( a joining system used extensively in aircraft fuselage joining and long-haul heavy truck chassis manufacture) which avoids degrading the raw material base coating with heat, weld perforation and surface grinding. It is not only the join strength and integrity of the raw material coating that should make a Taylors Weld Free Frame your first choice in design, building and construction but the fact it is supported by TDF five (5) year warranty.

Taylors Weld Free Frame can be installed into all typical wall constructions including brick, block, precast and drywall applications and common wall constructions found in Hospitality, Government and Public buildings, Corporate Offices, Medical and Sports facilities.

On a weld for rivet comparison, independent break load tests show SPR creates a stronger join than welding.

The construction budget accounts for just a proportion of your facilities overall future operational costs. That means a large part of total facilities cost is incurred during running and operation, this includes general maintenance. By considering the impact of maintenance operating costs before and during the design phase, we can help you make some of the choices that pay off over the life of the facility.   A Taylors Weld Free Frame is cost effective today and cost efficient for years to come.   Reducing premature frame corrosion is a key commitment Taylors Doors and Frames makes to the industry.

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