Taylors Doors and Frames manufacture a range of pressed metal door frames for fire rated and non rated walls using high quality steel.

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Frames to be Built In

For new construction, pressed metal door frames are normally built into the walls during the construction process. These frames can be physically different in sizing and shape dependant on the wall into which they are being installed.

The type of wall and how the frame and the adjoining wall are to finish (e.g. flush face of frame to wall or proud of wall, wall cladding requirements post frame installation etc) are all considerations when selecting the right pressed metal door frame for your specific installation.


Frames to be Retrofit

Pressed metal door frames that are to be installed into an opening, either replacing an existing frame or installing a new frame into a formed or cut opening in a wall. These frames are designed and manufactured to enable the frames to be installed post construction of the wall and generally incorporate frame fixing methods that differ to the fixing methods used for pressed metal door frames that are built into a wall during construction. 

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Common Terms

If you are ordering frames from Taylors Doors and Frames or making enquiries about our pressed metal door frames we would suggest you take a moment or two to understand the terms we use to manufacture pressed metal door frames.

When dealing with pressed metal door frames there are terms we use to describe;

  • The parts of a pressed metal door frame
  • The measurements used to dimension pressed metal door frames
  • The parts of the frame profile
  • The handing of a door frame


Frame Material

Taylors Doors and Frames manufacture pressed metal door frames in various base material options including Zincanneal, Galvabond and Stainless Steel in a range of material thickness from 1.1mm to 2.5mm.

The minimum standard of steel used in the construction of our pressed metal door frames is 1.1mm Zincanneal for non rated frames and 1.4mm Zincanneal for fire rated frames. Other materials can be requested to match specification requirements.

We maintain a substantial stock of material with standard stock including;

Zincanneal  1.1mm and 1.4mm (1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm on request)
Galvabond 1.1mm and 1.5mm (2.0mm and 2.5mm on request)
Stainless Steel  1.2mm and 1.5mm (2.0mm on request)

Frame Assembly

Pressed metal door frames can be assembled in a number of ways depending on your specific requirement. From fully welded, dressed and primed through to knock down (i.e. flat pack) assembly options are provided to cater for a range of specification, freight and installation requirements.


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Frame Finishing

Following manufacture of a pressed metal door frame there are various finishing options available.


Frame Profiles

The shape of a pressed metal door frame is commonly called the frame profile. A frame profile consists of two basic components being a shape for the door side of the profile and a shape for the wall side of the profile.

Although there are standard shapes for the door side and the wall side, as a manufacturer we have the capability and expertise to design and manufacture frame profiles to suit your specific design requirements. 

Frame profiles can be sized to accommodate both fire rated and non rated doors, wall thicknesses from 60mm to over 500mm and any wall type (e.g. concrete, brick, precast, plaster board, Hebel, Ritek, AFS, Speedwall etc).

The frame profile is the starting point and trying to get the shape to fit your wall is one of the most difficult things at times to finalise.

If your not sure what frame profile you need we have built a tool just for you the Taylors Doors and Frames Frame Profiler or you can view a range of common profiles. While the Frame Profiler does not provide every possible combination it will at least give you a good head start on working out the shape that may suit your installation.


Provision for Hardware

Pressed metal door frames are far superior to timber in terms of expected life but when you order pressed metal door frames you need to be mindful of what hardware you will require.

When pressed metal door frames are manufactured they are designed with provisions in the frame to accommodate the hardware that is required to be installed.

Hardware provisions are a critical component of the design of the pressed metal door frames. More..


Frame Fixings

The frame is connected to the wall by the use of a frame fixing. Frame fixings can either be incorporated in the shape of the frame (e.g. Partition Frame) or they can be provided separately to the frame (e.g. Wire Ties and Stud Clips). Every frame has to be connected to a wall and the frame fixings are the ways in which this is achieved. More..

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