Taylors Doors and Frames bring you the next generation of solid core doors. Taylors Doors and Frames use a lightweight Albasia core which is easy to handle and hang.

Solid core doors are edged with an internal 25mm solid timber edge rail to all four (4) sides with a selection of door facings dependant on the finish required. Our standard range of door facings include;

  • Paint Grade Ply (sheet thickness 3.6mm)
  • Duracote Tempered Hardboard (sheet thickness 3.2mm)
  • MDF (sheet thickness 4mm)

The Albasia core used in the manufacture of our solid doors comes in three (3) standard thicknesses;

  • 28mm (core for a 35mm solid core door)
  • 33mm (core for a 40mm solid core door)
  • 38mm (core for a 45mm solid core door)

Dependant on the facing required the finish thickness of the door will vary.  See product data sheet.

The following table outlines the approximate finished door thickness based on the various standard facing options.


Door Type Facing Approximate Thickness (mm)
35mm Solid Core Duracote 34.4
Paint Grade Ply 35.2
MDF 36
40mm Solid Core Duracote 39.4
Paint Grade Ply 40.2
MDF 41
45mm Solid Core Duracote 44.4
Paint Grade Ply 45.2
MDF 46

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The minimum recommended thickness for a solid core door in excess of 2100mm in height and/or 920mm in width is 40mm.

The maximum size door available without requiring a join in the facing sheet is;

  • 3000 x 1500 for Paint Grade Ply
  • 2700 x 1200 for Duracote
  • 3600 x 1800 for MDF

Solid Core Doors for Sliding Applications

We supply a large quantity of doors manufacturerd specifically for sliding applications.

For solid core doors used in sliding applications the standard edge rails on the top and bottom of the door are replaced with solid 100mm thimber rails to ensure secure connection of the door to the sliding door hardware. If you require a door for a sliding application please advise our sales staff at the time of order, this is not a standard inclusion but offered as an option to our standard manufacture.

Optional Additions to Solid Core Doors

Should you require, the following optional extras are available for solid core doors;

  • Vision panels
  • Air Grilles
  • Seal provisions (routed provision in the bottom of the door)
  • Tunnel lock provisions (a drilled cable transfer hole through the width of the door leaf for electric locks)
  • Custom route pattern facings (provided via our CNC with a maximum size of 3500 x 1500)
  • Bollection mouldings (customer to specify moulding design as we do not carry a standard moulding)
  • External edge rails
  • Special vener facings
  • Rebated meeting edges for pairs
  • Stainless steel kickplates
  • Non combustible backing
  • Steel sheet and capping (Zincanneal, Galvabond and Stainless Steel)

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