Maxi Fire Resistant Door Product Selection Summary
Configuration Options: Single Leaf Hinged Info
Single and Double Leaf Hinged with Transom Info
Single and Double Leaf Hinged with Mullion Info
Single Leaf Hinged Interconnecting Room Info
Double Leaf Hinged Info
Double Leaf Hinged Push/Pull Info
Double Leaf Pivot Info
Wall Access Panel Hinged and Fixed Info
Nominal Thickness: 47mm
Maximum FRL: ---/240/30 (conditional on wall construction, configuration and size)
Standard Facings: MDF
Paint Grade Ply
Suitable Wall Types: Masonry
Profile ID Prefix: FRM
Frame Material: Minimum 1.4mm Zinc Anneal
Frame Rebate: 51mm
Frame Stop Height 25mm
Minimum Hinge Qty 2 - Height up to 1200mm
3 - Height over 1200mm
Height over 2300mm and/or width over 1000mm we recommend 4 hinges with the 4th hinge placed 100mm below the top hinge
Hinge Size: 100 x 100 x 2.5 Buy
Manufacturer: Taylors Doors and Frames
Core: TVC40
Sponsor: Firecore

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