Taylors Doors and Frames manufacture a range of fire rated vision panels.

Standard sizes available include;

Fire rated vision panels are manufactured to suit the door thickness for either a Maxi or Mini fire rated door leaf.

While we stock standard size vision panels, custom sizes can be manufactured on request. If a custom size vision panel is required contact us with the following information;

  • Door Thickness (in mm)
  • Vision Panel Height (in mm)
  • Vision Panel Width (in mm)
Please note that the maximum glass area is limited to 65,000mm2. If the vision panel size exceeds this limit, you may have to seek dispensation from your certifier for the larger size vision panel.

If you only require replacement parts for vision panels due to damage on site, we can provide components such as frame only, glass only or screw packs. Visit our online store to purchase online or contact us.

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