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Pressed Metal Door Frames Fire Rated and Non Rated

  • for Dry Walls (channel and sheet wall systems)
  • for Concrete, Block and Brick Walls (build in or cast in)
  • for Existing Openings (retrofit frames)
  • for Other Wall Systems



Fire Rated Doors

  • 1 hour rated to 4 hour rated
  • 37mm mini and 47mm maxi fire doors
  • Single hinged, double hinged, double pivot
  • Mullions and transoms
  • Wall access panels
  • Ad ons including fire rated vision panels, fire rated air grilles, bolection mouldings, preparations for concealed closers, drop seals



Solid Core Doors

  • Light weight Albasia block core doors
  • Up to maximum 3000 x 1500 in a single press
  • 35mm, 40mm and 45mm standard thickness
  • Custom thicknesses and sizes by request
  • Add ons including vision panels, seal provisions, air grilles, custom routed patterned, provision for sliding hardware




  • Fire door reinforcing plates
  • Sheet steel cut to size
  • Steel angles and channels cut and folded to size
  • Steel frame buildup sections
  • Fire rated vision panel kits




  • Frame Profiles
  • Pro Forma Detail Sheets
  • Frame Elevations

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