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Solid HMR Core
Door ID Type Height Width Thickness Facing QTY
A34 HMR 2020 820 40 PLY 1
A25 HMR 2040 870 40 DC 4
A24 HMR 2040 920 40 DC 6
A41 HMR 2053 814 35 DC 1
Solid Core (Albasia Core) 35mm Thick Doors
Door ID Type Height Width Thickness Facing QTY
A26 Solid Core 1970 706 35 MDF 1
A33 Solid Core 2020 870 35 DC 1
A22 Solid Core 2040 605 35 PLY 1
A32 Solid Core 2040 768 35 PLY 1
Solid Core (Albasia Core) 40mm Thick Doors
Door ID Type Height Width Thickness Facing QTY
A36 Solid Core 2020 970 40 PLY 1
A31 Solid Core 2040 940 40 DC 1
A39 Solid Core 2045 755 40 PLY 1
A37 Solid Core 2045 820 40 DC 3
A35 Solid Core 2053 792 40 DC 1
A38 Solid Core 2100 860 40 DC 1
A29 Solid Core 2400 820 40 DC 4
Solid Core (Albasia Core) 45mm Thick Doors
Door ID Type Height Width Thickness Facing QTY
A28 Solid Core 1990 835 45 MDF 2
A21 Solid Core 2010 835 45 PLY 1

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