There are numerious wall systems on the market and not all wall systems have had testing undertaken for a fire resistant doorset in the wall system.

For fire resistant doors and frames, please ensure that the wall system manufacture has available fire test reports/certificates to support the installation of Fire Resistant Doorsets in their wall systems. Approval should be to the requirements of the NCC, AS1905.1 and AS1530.4 (i.e. an independent NATA certified testing authority has undertook testing/assesed the installation of a door system in the specific wall system to AS1530.4 and has confirmed the assembly has met the requirements of AS1905.1).

If a fire test report/certificate is not available please contact the wall system manufacturer for further information.

For fire resistant products, if we are not able to match a product to a relevant fire test certificate/report then we are not able to provide a "Fire Rated" product solution that is compliant to the requirements of the NCC.

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Our online store contains a standard range of doors, components and frames for common wall types but should you require pressed metal door frames for AFS, Dincel, Hebel, Powerpanel, Rapidwall, Ritek Wall, Speedpanel, Speedwall or Kingspan wall systems contact us for a written quotation or to seek advise on suitable frame configurations.

Due to the bulky nature of our products, delivery charges are calculated following confirmation of your order and dependant on delivery location, quantity and size of the products required. Our sales staff will contact you prior to the commencement of manufacture to finalise delivery costs. Pick up is welcome from both our NSW and QLD factories and you are wecolme to arrange your own transport if you have arrangements in place with a suitable freight carrier.

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