Select your options from the menus followed by the design elements to your frame. Submit the form to get a quote. If you need more help, try the extended instructions below the frame profiler tool or contact us.

Over 450 possible shape combinations all at your disposal to assist you in designing a frame to suit your requirements.

Select the fire rating required. If no fire rating is required select NR.
The wall into which this frame is to be installed.
Wall to be built into the frame during construction is Build In. Frame to be fitted into a cut or formed opening is Retrofit.
How you would like to connect the frame to the wall.
If you require the face of the frame and wall to be in line select Flush. If there is no need to finish the frame in line with wall select Proud.
Standard for non rated frames is 1.1mm Za. Standard for fire rated frames is 1.4mm Za.
Select the required door thickness. This impacts the dimensions of the rebate section of the frame.
Standard hinged doors select Single Hinged or Double Hinged. If your swing is not shown it is not recommended for the preceding selections you have chosen. Revise your selections or Contact us with your requirements.
This is the overall thickness of the wall to be detailed in mm.
Select the measurement you are using as this does impact the sizing of the frame and the price of the frame. Opening size is the hole size that the frame fits into, door size if is the actual door size required and reveal size is the internal part of the frame which accommodates the door allowing for side, head and bottom clearances.
Height in mm.
Width in mm.


This tool does not provide you a price. The intention of the Frame Profiler is to assist you in working out the shape of the pressed metal door frame you require. When you submit your profile one of our sales representatives will be in contact to clarify your requirements and provide you a written quotation.

If you want pricing we have a range of standard size frames available online to order.

All drop box options and fields need to be filled in to be able to submit the frame profile through to obtain a quotation. If you don't want to fill in all the details then don't waste your time as the submit option is only available once all the required information is filled in and/or selected.

Step 1

Select your options from the drop down lists and enter the relevant information in the text boxes.

Step 2

Following Step 1 the available options you have to select from are filtered to the options available based on your selections (i.e. your selections will remove options that are not available). Simply click on an image for each quadrant to build up the shape of the frame you want. All quadrants must have an image selected to enable the frame profiler to generate the completed profile.

Step 3

Click the submit button which will send the frame profile to us to then provide you with an estimate of cost. You will also recieve an email containing a link to the frame profile you have designed which you can download, save or print for your records.

Step 4

If you find something wrong with this tool then please let us know so we can correct any errors.

Step 5

Contact us with any requests for online tools that relate to doors and frames that you would like to have access to and we will see if we can develop them and make them available. We will be further developing this tool as a way for our customers to detail frames for their customers.