Do you sell door hardware?

Taylors Doors and Frames does stock and sell hinges via our online store (or you can just drop in and purchase over the counter at both our NSW and QLD factories).  We currently have a limited range of fire rated door hardware and seals that we can offer our customers. Contact our office if you are interested in fire rated hardware and we will be able to provide supplier details where you are able to purchase these products.

Do I require a closer on a fire rated door and frame?

All fire rated doors are required under AS1905.1 to be self closing and self latching.  For the door to be self closing you do require a mechanical closing device to be fitted to the fire door. For fire doors in areas that may cause harm if the door self closed behind you (e.g. an electrical switch room with little access) you may be able to seek dispensation from your certifier to omit certain hardware items which may cause harm if installed but this would be the determination of your certifier.

How many hinges do I require on my door and frame?

If the frame is fire rated then you are required to have a minimum of 2 hinges up to a door height of 1200mm and 3 hinges where the door height exceeds 1200mm.  Where door heights exceed 2300mm in height or 1020mm in width a fourth hinge would be recommended to be installed approximately 100mm below the top hinge.

Where can I buy hinges from?

You can buy hinges from us. The benefit of buying hinges from us is that you will get the right screws for metal frames and for the the door.  If you are chasing up hinge screws for the frame we have these available via our online store.

What hardware should I use on a fire rated door and frame?

All hardware used on a fire door must be tested and approved for use on the fire door.  For a complete list of approved hardware for fire doors manufactured by Taylors Doors and Frames contact us.

What height should my lock be?

Australian Standard AS 1428.1 (Design for access and mobility, Part 1: General requirements for access) states that the height of the handle should fall within 900mm and 1100mm above the floor.