Can I apply for a trade account?

Taylors Doors and Frames do offer trade accounts but this is conditional on the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Trade, the submission and approval of a Credit Application and the provision of a Personal Guarantee. Our requirements for the establishment of a trade account are not negotiable. Should you not wish to open a trade account with Taylors Doors and Frames you are always welcome to trade on a COD basis.

Can I register to purchase via your online shop?

Yes. Taylors Doors and Frames encourages you to register to use our online purchasing facilities. The benefits of this are two fold in that you can take advantage of special pricing that may be offered to registered users and further you are able to track your orders, check invoices and preview your purchase history all online at any time of the day or night.


To register simply fill out our Online User Registration Form and we will set up your account for direct online access.

Who can I contact to install my frame and door?

Contact us and we can refer you to a suitable installer.

What is the lead time for my frame and door?

On average we maintain a lead time of between 5 to 7 working days for NSW clients and 7 to 10 working days for QLD clients.  While our lead times do at times exceed our standard lead time (mid to late December and mid to late June are the historic times when this occurs) if this does occur, our sales staff will always let our clients know at the time of order so there are no surprises or false hopes.

Can you deliver to me?

Yes. There are additional delivery costs and due to the bulky nature of our products we are not able to provide an estimate of cost of delivery until we understand the size of the products required and the quantity.  All customers are welcome to pickup their orders from either our NSW or QLD factories and we encourage our customers to make arrangements with suitable freight companies for regional areas and for international sales.  Contact us if you have specific delivery requirements and we can discuss your requirements and how we can assist.

Do you have a show room?

We are a manufacturing company not a retail shop front. The majority of our business is through trade customers, reselling partners, export partners and builders. We do have sample products available for view but if you are after a front door for your house or a bi fold door for your entertaining area or a garage door then you're in the wrong place and we can't assist as these are products we do not manufacture.  If you are a tradie, a reseller, an exporter or a builder then we can probably provide you a solution for what you are looking for.  Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our technical sales staff and where appropiate, provide drawings and information for you to better assess our ability to meet your supply needs.

What acoustic rating do I need?

We are a manufacturer not a specifier or designer. If you need to work out acoustic requirements you will have to seek the services of an acoustic engineer who would be able to offer advise in regards to the required acoustic rating for a particular application.

Can you come to site and measure?

No. We are a manufacturer and our core business is manufacture and technical support for our customers.  Our customers are the companies and sub contractors that go to site to measure and assess what is required.  We just provide the product solutions to the problems our customer bring to us on a daily basis.  If you need site measures and site visits contact our office and we can provide details for companies that can provide these services to you.

What width frame do I need for a minimum clear opening?

This link provides a general guide to the frame reveal size required to maintain a clear opening width (or sometimes referred to as "an unobstructed clear opening"). The drawing provides the minimum reveal sizes for both fire rated and non-rated doors and for varying door thicknesses.