Can I have a Mini pair of doors?

No. All fire door pairs must be maxi fire doors.

Can I have a viewing panel in my door?

Yes. If you have a non rated door you are not limited to the size of glass you can have in the door but if you have a fire door, the size of the glass is limited to a maximum of 65,000mm2.  There are three standard size vision panels for fire doors being 300 x 200, 450 x 120 and 600 x 100.  If you would like to purchase a fire rated vision panel kit they are available via our online store. Our downloads section also have a pro forma detail sheets for fire rated vision panels and non rated vision panels.


Can I have steel sheets on my doors?

Yes. Please note however that adding steel sheet to the door adds both weight and thickness and may require adjustment of the frame rebate size and additional hinges. The additional weight may also impact the strength of the closer required so ensure you consider this when looking at steel sheeting on doors.

To calculate the approximate weight of adding steel to your doors you can use our approximate weight tables for ZincannealGalvabond and Stainless Steel.

Can fire doors be rebated?

Fire doors manufactured by Taylors Doors and Frames cannot be rebated.

Do you make custom profiles for door frames?

Yes. As a manufacturer, we are not limited by a narrow range of available products.  we can custom engineer profiles to suit your specific applications. There are some tooling restrictions that can come into play, but generally we find there is a way around these to ensure the frame shape you need can be both manufactured and will be economically feasible. To have a look at possible shape options for your frame you can try our frame profiler. The frame profiler gives you over 400 shape combinations, but we are not restricted to only these shapes so if you need something very different then contact us to discuss your requirements. If you do contact us it would be good to have a rough sketch mapped out with rough sizing as we will ask you for this when you call.

How do I know the hinge side on a fire rated door?

The first place to look is at the top or bottom of the door. There is generally a mark or a hole drilled on the top edge rail that indicates that the corner with the hole is the location of the top hinge plate and the closer plate. If there is no indication you can use a relatively strong magnet and slide it over the face of the door. The magnet will pick up the steel plates inside the door under the facing sheets and give you a clear indication as to the location of the hinge plates.

Standard Internal Plate Configuration

Exploded View of a Fire Door

How do you install a T-Bar Meeting Stile?

Answer coming, contact us if you can't wait.

What are the different thickness of doors?

The thickness of a door varies depending on the type of door and the door facing required. The table below provides the approximate thickness of the doors manufactured by Taylors Doors and Frames.

Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary depending on variations in raw material thickness, tolerance, and viscosity of adhesives. These measurements are provided as a guide only.

If the required door thickness is critical for your installation contact us to ensure there is a suitable skin and core combination to suit your thickness requirements (e.g. Sliding doors for Cavity Pockets etc).


Door Type Facing Approximate Thickness (mm)
35mm Solid Core Duracote 34.4
Paint Grade Ply 35.2
MDF 36
40mm Solid Core Duracote 39.4
Paint Grade Ply 40.2
MDF 41
45mm Solid Core Duracote 44.4
Paint Grade Ply 45.2
MDF 46
37mm Mini Fire Door Duracote 35.6
Paint Grade Ply 36.4
MDF 37.2
47mm Maxi Fire Door Duracote 44.9
Paint Grade Ply 45.7
MDF 46.5


What are Bullnose Meeting stiles used for?

Bullnose meeting stiles are used as the meeting edge of two fire resistant door leaves where the function of the door requires the door to swing both into and out of the space (i.e. double swing doors) or if the doors are required to be push pull (i.e. no handle required). If you require bull nose meeting stiles, they are available via our online store.

What is a fire door made of?

Fire doors are made up of a number of components. These include a core (for fire doors manufactured by Taylors Doors and Frames, the core of the door is a vermiculite board), perforated reinforcing plates at essential hardware locations, solid steel hinge backing strips, timber edge rails and door facing skins.

What is the best door skin option for painting?

The recommended door skin option for painting is a Duracote Tempered Hardboard (often refered to as green board). Duracote is a preprimed tempered hardboard skin.

Duracote Swatch

What is the biggest door size you can make?

As a manufacturer we are only limited by the raw materials we can source to satisfy the size requirements.

Fire doors are limited in size by the available approvals (refer to our resource section for more detailed information on fire doors and their limitations in terms of size and fire rating).

For solid core doors the maximum size door available without requiring a join in the facing sheet (i.e. the maximum standard sheet sizes) are;

  • 3000mm high x 1500mm wide for Paint Grade Ply
  • 2700mm high x 1200mm wide for Duracote
  • 3600mm high x 1800mm wide for MDF

If you have a very large door that you would like made contact us for a written quotation.

What is the maximum fire rating for a Mini door?

The maximum fire rating for a mini fire door is equal to the fire rating of the wall into which it is installed or ---/120/30 (i.e. 2 Hour), whichever is lower. If you use an MDF door skin, the maximum fire rating you can achieve will be reduced to ---/60/30 (i.e. 1 Hour).

What is the maximum height and width for a Maxi door and frame?

The maximum height and width of a maxi fire door is dependent on a number of things including the wall type, the hardware to be used and the facing of the door. We would recommend you visit our resources section where we provide more comprehensive information in relation to the configuration options and limitations on the use of maxi fire doors.

What is the maximum height and width for a Mini door and frame?

The maximum height of a mini door and frame is 2400mm high and 1200mm wide for the door leaf.

What is the weight of my door?

The weight of a door is dependent on the core and facing used in the construction of the door leaf. If the weight of the door is a critical design factor contact us for a more accurate approximation of weight.

What size viewing panel can I have in a door?

If the door is not fire rated you can have any size you want but we would recommend at least a 200mm margin between the glass and the edge of the door on all 4 sides.

If the door is fire rated you are restricted to a maximum of 65,000mm2.  There are three standard size vision panel kits available for fire rated doors - 300 x 200 (60,000mm2), 450 x 120 (54,000mm2) and 600 x 100 (60,000mm2).

You can buy a fire rated vision panel kit via our online store.

What veneer is best for external doors?

Paint Grade Ply or Duracote.

What veneer is best for internal doors?

For a paint finish in a non wet area the most economical door facing is MDF. If it is a wet area then we would recommend Duracote.

Why do I have to have Maxi doors as a pair?

Maxi doors have been tested to AS1530.4 in accordance with AS1905.1 and mini doors have not and as such do not have an approval for use as a fire rated pair.

Can I cut a fire door down to size?

You can but the maximum trimming allowance is only 6mm in total (i.e. 3mm from 1 side and 3mm from the other side, not 6mm from one side).

Behind the timber edges you can see are steel plates in locations where hardware such as hinges, locks and closers are fitted (see an exploded view of a fire door to get a better understanding).

Taylors Doors and Frames manufacture all our doors to order and as such if the correct measurements are taken on site there should be little need for site trimming. Where an opening tapers, we can manufacture a door leaf with a taper to match the frame taper but if the frame hour glasses (i.e. concaves in the centre of the frame) to an extent that the side clearance between the door leaf and the frame cannot be maintained at a maximum of 3mm then the frame will require a replacement.

Do you make sliding doors?

Taylors Doors and Frames manufactures non rated sliding door panels but we do not manufacture sliding fire doors. If you require sliding fire doors contact us and we can refer you to a suitable manufacturing partner.

How is a standard solid core door constructed?

A solid core door is constructed with a solid timber internal core edge with solid timber rails to all 4 sides then faced with the door skin as required by the customer. Our standard door skins are Duracote, Paint Grade Ply and MDF. Special veneers can be used if your specification requires. 

Exploded view of our standard solid core doors.