Product Image Description Product Code Buy
Self adhesive Batwing®
perimeter seal
LAS1212-1m Buy
LAS1212-2.1m Buy
LAS1212-2.75m Buy
LAS1212-SDS-5.2m Buy
LAS1212-LSDS-6.5m Buy
LAS1212-DDS-6.3m Buy
LAS1212-LDDS-7.6m Buy
Self adhesive Batwing®
perimeter seal
LAS1515-1m Buy
LAS1515-2.1m Buy
LAS1515-2.75m Buy
LAS1515-SDS-5.2m Buy
LAS1515-LSDS-6.5m Buy
LAS1515-DDS-6.3m Buy
LAS1515-LDDS-7.6m Buy
LAS1212 and LAS1515 Product Data Sheet LAS1212 and LAS1515 Fitting Instructions
Smoke / Acoustic Seal
(kefr fitted)
LAS1011-1m Buy
LAS1011-2.1m Buy
LAS1011-2.75m Buy
LAS1011 Product Data Sheet LAS1011 Fitting Instructions
Non Rated Meeting Stile AAS7506-2.25m Buy
AAS7506-2.75m Buy
ASS7506 Product Data Sheet ASS7506 Fitting Instructions
Automatic Drop Seal
Fully Mortised
LAS8001si-535mm Buy
LAS8001si-635mm Buy
LAS8001si-820mm Buy
LAS8001si-920mm Buy
LAS8001si-1070mm Buy
LAS8001si-1220mm Buy
LAS8001si Product Data Sheet LAS8001siFitting Instructions
Automatic Drop Seal
Fully Mortised or
Semi Mortised
LAS8002si-535mm Buy
LAS8002si-635mm Buy
LAS8002si-820mm Buy
LAS8002si-920mm Buy
LAS8002si-1070mm Buy
LAS8002si-1220mm Buy
LAS8002si Product Data Sheet LAS8002si Fitting Instructions
Automatic Drop Seal
Surface Mounted
LAS8006si-535mm Buy
LAS8006si-635mm Buy
LAS8006si-820mm Buy
LAS8006si-920mm Buy
LAS8006si-1070mm Buy
LAS8006si-1220mm Buy
LAS8006si Product Data Sheet LAS8006si Fitting Instructions
Brochure download - Retro-fit Solutions for Upgrading Non-compliant Fire Doors
Fire Door
Bottom Upgrade Seal
LDBU-820mm Buy
LDBU-920mm Buy
LDBU-1070mm Buy
LDBU-1220mm Buy
LDBU Product Data Sheet LDBU Fitting Instructions
Fire Door
Perimeter Upgrade Seal
Gaps up to 8mm
LDPU-1m Buy
LDPU-2.1m Buy
LDPU-2.75m Buy
LDPU-SDS-5.2m Buy
LDPU-LSDS-6.5m Buy
LDPU-DDS-6.3m Buy
LDPU-LDDS-7.6m Buy
LDPU Product Data Sheet LDPU Fitting Instructions