Taylors Doors and Frames manufactures a comprehensive range of pressed metal door frames, fire resistant doors and solid core doors.

Generally our products fall under NATSPEC 0453 Doors and access panels .

Our fire resistant doorsets are manufactured utilising Firecore (TVC30 and TVC40) internal door core which is a Vermiculite based door core tested to AS1530.4 for variaous FRL and configuration requirements.

Our resources section provides a summary of the products we manufacture with a number of PDF drawings to download which may also assist in find the right products for your projects.

As a manufacturing company we are able to custom design and manufacture solutions specific to your project requirements so don't be afraid to think outside the box. Just because it hasn't been done does not mean it can't be done. No one climbed Everest until 1953 and since then, over 4000 people have made it to the top of the world. It's only impossible until the first person does it. Read a little about Everest.

We are currently working on the following resources to assist Architects and Designers in relation to metal door frames;

  • Frame and Door Specifications for Specific Wall Types
  • Fire Resistant Door Set Specifications for Specific Wall Types
  • Door Schedule Preparation and Detailing
  • Product installation guides
  • Asthetic design guides (tackling the junction between walls and door frames)
  • Design guide - Metal Door Frames (wall connection options, configuration options, performance options - fire, acoustic, security, radiation, egress etc)

Interested in any of these services? Leave your contact details with us and we will add you to the mailing list and let you know when these resources are available.

If you have a more immediate need for information we are always happy to discuss your requirements so just get in contact via email or phone.