Some feedback from our customers, this is how we are dealing with our current customers, how would you rate your current supplier?

We undertook an anonymous survey of our customers and asked them to rate us on Lead Time, Product Range, Value For Money & Product Knowledge. We really wanted to know what our customers think so we didn't ask for their names and requested they be brutally honest with us.

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being thumbs up (you're the best) and 5 being thumbs down (you're the same as the rest) the average scores  were;

  • Lead Time: 1.72
  • Product Range: 1.55
  • Value For Money: 1.77
  • Product Knowledge: 1.27

We asked our customers "Why did you first deal with us?" and here's what they told us;

  • We have previously used your company whilst subcontracting in the fire door industry in Sydney.
  • Strong relationship with the GM and fantastic customer service
  • When I took on the job. You guys were the supplier on that job.
  • service , quality and delivery of goods
  • Good service close by !
  • versatility and manufacturing
  • Good price
  • Our company dealt we you and I continued
  • Heard you were a good, reliable supplier.
  • Recommended by our plasterboard subcontractor and your pricing was attractive
  • range and timing
  • used your products purchased by another company
  • We go way back to when you commenced the manufacture of "Fire-core" and we have continued with your supply.
  • location
  • good prices
  • good lead times
  • very helpful and obligating.
  • good service

We asked our customers "Why do you still deal with us?" and here's what they told us;

  • Having moved to Coffs Harbour we find your pricing & products to be competitive , the lead-time is good and Ivan & Laura are friendly, efficient and obliging.
  • Fantastic customer service & express manufacture of material when required
  • Great product, customer service & reliability
  • Easy communication and knowledge, unparalleled service, pleasant to deal with, customer orientated & quality of goods
  • Good service, very good product & sales service
  • Good price, you deliver on time, good quality & great Service.
  • Quick turnarounds & not one issue up until now with incorrect supply
  • range, timing and service, promptness & quality
  • good service - always confirms with client if not sure about specific manufacturing measurements or facts, history of personnel & Service
  • great customer service, easy to deal with, good products & plenty of good leads
  • Great personal who always friendly and wiling to go that extra mile to please and meet the customers needs, lead times on fire doors are excellent & always do what you say you will do, or can't for some reason let us know ahead.

So what can you expect when dealing with Taylors Doors and Frames?

We value our customers and understand the pressures they face day to day.
We are proud of the feed back we have received from our current customers and we would like you to be assured that if you are dealing with Taylors Doors and Frames you can expect the same, good lead times, a comprehensive product range, value for money and the staff with the product knowledge and support to back it up.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to come in and have a chat about your requirements and view our facilities.