At Taylors Doors and Frames we focus on 4 key areas which we believe are the critical factors that separate us from our alternatives being lead time, product range, value for money and product knowledge.

Taylors Doors and Frames fully understands the demands and pressure placed on companies working in the building and service industry and especially in relation to pressed metal door frames, fire resistant doors and solid core doors. Whether you're an installer, a builder, a locksmith, a fire service contractor, a reseller, an exporter, just to name a few, there are pressures that are put on you to provide products as quickly as possible, if not immediately.

On average we maintain a lead time of between 5 to 7 working days for NSW orders and 7 to 10 working days for QLD orders. While our lead times do at times exceed our standard 5 to 7 days lead time (mid to late December and mid to late June are the historic times when this occurs) if this does occur our sales staff always let our clients know at the time of order so there are no surprises or false hopes.

Although the last thing we want is for our clients to get their products elsewhere there are times when it is not physically possibly to provide products in the time frames requested and we fully appreciate that if we cannot provide what you want when you want it then you have no choice but to go elsewhere. 

You will not get an empty promise on lead time from Taylors Doors and Frames. If it is not possible for us to manufacture your products in the time frame you need we will let you know, we will not accept your order and then ring the day before, or worse still on the day, the delivery is expected, to tell you your products are not ready.

While we can accommodate urgent orders, where urgent orders are required to be pushed through, these orders are generally undertaken on the completion of the normal days manufacture (this is to ensure the lead time of orders in production are not impacted) and as such may incur surcharges to cover the additional costs involved in extending production hours to accommodate the urgent request.

At Taylors Doors and Frames we understand that our clients need access to relevant information about products.

This web site is a resource we have built up, and continue to build, to provide a comprehensive resource to our clients, and anyone who may be interested, in terms of pressed metal door frames, fire resistant doors, solid core doors and components for the manufacture of fire resistant doors and frame modifications and repairs.

Fire rated products are often restricted by a number of factors including the wall into which it is installed, the physical size required, the configuration of the panels and much more. It is often difficult for clients to know what they can and cannot have when it comes to fire resistant products.

The product range section of our web site provides comprehensive listing of products that are available to order online and for information on the options available check out our comprehensive resources section.

If you don't find what you are looking for, need more information or have a project that you would like to discuss then contact us.

Another resource available to you is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Every question our customers ask us about products goes into our little red books. Routinely we review the questions asked and if there's no answer available in our FAQ section then we get to work to get the question answered and up online. Where suitable we also provide diagrams, photos or drawings to help clarify the questions as quite often a picture or drawing is far quicker and easier to understand that a thousand words.

Some information on our site is only available to clients of Taylors Doors and Frames but we have endevoured to keep as much information publicly available as possible. The main restrictions between publicly available information and protected information (i.e. only existing clients are able to access via a secure login) is generally editable versions of documents that we provide on this site.