The following are some of the main product lines we manufacture

  • Pressed Metal Door Frames Buy Online
    • for Concrete, Block and Brick Walls
    • for Dry Walls (channel and sheet wall systems)
    • for Existing Openings
    • for AFS Wall Systems
    • for Dincel Wall Systems
    • for Ritek Wall Systems
    • for Hebel Wall Systems
  • Light Weight Solid Core Doors Buy Online
  • Fire Resistant Doors Buy Online
  • Service Parts for the Repair or Modification of Metal Door Frames Buy Online
  • Frame buildup sections to convert non rated frames to fire rated frames
  • Steel Sheet cut to size
  • Steel Channel cut and folded to size
  • Components for Fire Door Manufacturing
    • Fire Door Reinforcing Plates including Hinge, Lock, Closer and Corner Plates Buy Online
    • Fire Rated Vision Panels Buy Online
    • Fire Rated Door Grilles Buy Online

What we don't do

We do not install products

Our core business is the manufacture of products, not the installation of products. The installation of products requires a different skill set and we are not in the business of doing our clients out of business by competing against them in the market place. We have invested heavily in our equipment capabilities and our strength is in our knowledge and ability to custom manufacture products to suit specific design requirements.

Although we do not install products, the majority of our clients do so if you are looking for a company to supply and install products contact us and we can provide a number of companies in your geographical location that will be able to assist.


We do not compromise on ensuring that the details of what you require are correct before we manufacture your products

We understand that the products we manufacture have to fit into a structure. The last thing you need is to inadvertently order a product incorrectly and the last thing we need is to make a product more than once. We take the time to understand not only the product you want but more importantly how you intend to install or use the product.


We do not take orders over the phone

From experience we have found that too many problems can arise, especially in misunderstandings around terminology used, something that a written order can overcome. While we can discuss your requirements on the phone, we cannot take orders over the phone. We have a number of downloads available to assist in detailing the correct frame so take advantage of these resources at any time.


We do not come to site and certify installed fire resistant products

As a manufacturer we have no control over the final use of the products we manufacture. In order to certify a fire rated door and frame (i.e. fire resistant doorset) the installation must be assessed following the installation to ensure the installation is compliant to the relevant Australian Standards.

AS1905.1 Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls - Fire-resistant doorsets is the Australian Standard to which fire resistant doors and frames are certified. The Standard includes examples of documentation required to be provided for an installed fire resistant doorset. If you are installing, repairing or replacing fire resistant doorsets, or a part of the doorset, we would strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of this Standard. If you engage a company to install, repair or replace fire resistant doorsets, or a part of the doorset, we would also strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of this Standard which will provide a guide as to what you should expect as a minimum once the installation, repair or replacement is complete.

To purchase a copy of AS1905.1 visit the SAI Global website.


We do not sell compliance tags for fire doors and frames unless we have manufactured the products

Taylors Doors and Frames only provides compliance tags for fire resistant doors and frames that are manufactured by Taylors Doors and Frames. Unless proof of purchase can be provided we do not issue replacement tags. Compliance tags are supplied if requested, they are not provided as a standard inclusion.

Many of our clients provide their own branded compliance tags.

If you are providing your own branded compliance tags we recommend that you ensure the tags contain the required information as specified in AS1905.1.

As a manufacturer we are often requested to manufacture fire resistant products that do not align with an established test approval or formal opinion. If we are not able to align a product with an established test approval or formal opinion we will not provide a compliance tag for that product. Certification or any subsequent testing requirements for the product such as these are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.